Beauty and Society

Let’s talk about body image and beauty.

So many factors go in to people deciding if someone is attractive or not, and most of those factors come from society telling them what is attractive. People usually assume that this only applies to women, but it affects men just as much. From the moment you are born, you have countless images thrown at you from advertising, movies, and descriptions from books, songs, and people. So, its very hard to not be affected by it all. I see numerous touched up bodies in advertising that tell lies to me about what is beautiful, and part of me has agreed in the past, but that is because I wasn’t aware how beauty really works. Today, being skinny and big in only two areas is considered beautiful. Some people may be born with this, but photos are also touched up, and people even get surgeries to achieve this look. I am not going to say that these people aren’t beautiful, because they are. Not because they are the cultural norm, but because of their value.

The standard of beauty has changed many times throughout history. Over the past century, beauty went from being boyish and skinny in the flapper age, to being a bombshell in the 50’s. Both are equally beautiful. The aim should never under any circumstances be to look a certain way, because a group of women will be excluded. The aim should be to be healthy and strong. This means that we shouldn’t look at a curvaceous woman and think that she is less beautiful, or a woman with a different skin color, or any woman who does not look like the photos you see everyday. Obviously, we can’t run away from the culture we live in.

I worry that if I ever have kids, they will feel the pressure to look at themselves or at others with disapproval because of that individual’s body. Men are also pressured by this. They are told to look a certain way, and they are also told what women should look like. Women are also told what men should look like. So, we are all more affected by society than we know we are. I need to always see people as equal in value, because if I don’t, the people that surround me will think its ok to do that as well. I am beautiful, not despite the things that society tells me are wrong about my body, and not because of those things either. I am beautiful because I am a human being, created with intrinsic value.

A sick person, a mentally unstable person, or an individual of a different class should never be seen as inferior, because that means that you don’t see them as valuable. All women, and humans in general, are equally beautiful because God sees them as equally beautiful. His is the only opinion that matters. Not anyone else’s. So, when I find myself judging someone for their body or how they look, I have no right, because that would mean that I think I know better than God. This is because I have listened to media, the “god” of society. But media and society are ever changing. You will never be up to the standards of this world. You will fail every single time. It is impossible and not worth it. You are beautiful and valuable because you were made that way, and no one else’s opinion matters.


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