Clothed in Glory: Valued Pieces

In this world of rampant consumerism, it is refreshing to see pieces that are valued to such a high degree that they are worn consistently, for many years. For me, clothes are an extra layer of skin, an artistic feature of my very self. I don’t find joy in going in to stores and buying bags full of stuff that I will only wear a couple of times, just so that I can look like everyone else. That doesn’t interest me, and it probably never will. I like looking in my closet and seeing pieces that have sentimental value, high comfort, are good quality, and all say something important about me. I am still learning how to be an ethical clothing owner, but for now, I just really love my clothes, more than any time I have ever loved my clothes. So, here is a collection of some of the most valued items that I own. They are not valuable because society has told me that they are, but they are valuable because I love them. Let’s do this! Yay Clothes!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset This sweater is a more recent purchase in my life, but one absolutely worth it. I’d had my eye on this intricately knitted sweater from Madewell for a while, and when it went on super super cheap sale, it was finally mine. I love myself a sweater, and I have many in my collection, but this pure wool just feels so good on my body. The color looks great, and the quality is just everything.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

(sorry for the blurred photos, but its still pretty, so that’s ok!) This shirt is so very soft. I love me some stripes, and the flow and length of this shirt are so pretty. I would consider this shirt an essential in my wardrobe, because its basic, good quality, and goes with all those other crazy patterns that I own. Also, I got this at the Urban Outfitters Surplus in Chicago. I will never turn back. Why would I ever shop at regular Urban ever again?

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Ok, so, this shirt will probably not be found in any store in America, Sorry! This handmade shirt from Ukraine has so much sentimental value for me. It is a piece of home, bought on the street, one of a kind, and amazing. It is traditional and vintage, probably made around WWII, which blows my mind, because it is so flawless. They sure do know how to store things well. I feel oh so proud when I wear this shirt, but I only wear it in the warmer seasons, because the fabric is so thick that it doesn’t fit comfortably in any sweaters or coats. I love it!

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Any of my close friends, especially in theatre, know this dress. I wear it all the time, even in the winter. I dance in it, mostly, but I also wear it outside of dancing occasions. I got it from Urban and I will never need any other dress ever again, because it is so beautiful, flows so well, and the pattern is one of those floral patterns that just keeps you looking at it. Whenever I wear this dress, I stare at it constantly. I feel like I am wearing a high end piece of art. That’s all.

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Yay for more florals! I made this shirt from a long vintage dress that I found at my college’s co-op. After failing to wear it, I finally decided to made it into the beautiful crop top that it is now. I even tried a hand at embroidery, which I now plan to do much more. Sadly, those details are hard to see from a distance, but I can see them, and that’s what matters to me. I can’t wait to wear it more.

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This is one of the most worn items that I own. It is also one of the few items that I own from Anthro (the sale section, obviously) and I absolutely adore it. I love it so much, that it is constantly draped over my desk chair as my number one sweater/cardigan. It has silver threads in it that glint in the light, which I think is really special. It also has yellow in it, which I never usually go for in clothes, but I love the yellow in this.

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My favorite! I call this my Madeline coat, and it has served me well for several years. In winter, I wear it almost every day. It is my most complimented clothing item, which shouldn’t really matter, but I also don’t mind. My friends make fun of me for how much green I own, so this coat goes a little out of the norm for me. I’m sorry that I own so much green winter attire world, but Its just such a pretty color. Let me live! This coat is also from Anthro, bought in the springtime, so it was very affordable. Basically, go straight to the sale section, and you might be surprised.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sooo blurry, why do I fail at simple photography?! Anyway, this scarf is very special, because it used to be my mom’s until I borrowed it so much that she gave it to me. It is so big and so soft! I think she got it at a Zara in Europe somewhere. I feel like a fancy grandma when I wear it, which I would like to argue is sometimes my aesthetic.

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More scarves! This one is, again, from Anthro. I have had it for a long time, and it is so beautiful that I am tempted to just hang it on my wall as a work of art, because it is! I have never seen a scarf that equals this one in beauty, which is fine, because that means that I will never buy a scarf. Yay for saving money!

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A while ago I was perusing through Goodwill, which is always fun, and I came across this gorgeous Dooney and Bourke bag that is everything I have every wanted in a bag. I picked it up to admire, and realized that there was no strap. It was in that great glass case at the cash register. I asked to see the other, less amazing, bag next to it, and saw that it’s strap was exactly what my bag needed. I then proceeded to, in from of the cashier, take the strap of of that bag and put it on mine. He just stared at me, probably in awe of my genius. Now, this beautiful leathery purse is mine. That’s the story. You’re welcome.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My Poe Purse. Yes, that is Edgar Allen Poe all over my very special bag. A friend of mine gave it to me as a gift for graduation, and I am obsessed with it. I just love the message that his repeated face brings to all who see it. The best part is that people rarely get that its Poe. I have gotten Mark Twain, and numerous other authors. However, my favorite is when a stranger asked my why Hitler was on my bad. I was very amused. Anyway, its from Out of Print. They make great things.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Shoes! I am a sucker for leather boots. I could own only leather boots and be eternally happy. On the left is my very loved pair of Clark’s desert boots. They are so worth the buy, are so comfortable, and age very well, because leather. On the right is my newer pair of Chelsea boots from H&M. I am not a fan of buying shoes from here, but I am very glad I bought these. I had been looking for affordable Chelsea boots for ages, and when I found these, I was very satisfied. They are not real leather, but I am okay with that. I will wear them until the soles give way.

That is it, not in terms of all my clothes, but at least the ones that I value the most. Most of these photos were taken on top of my Amish handmade quilt that my grandma gave me, which is special. This post is not about bragging about my wardrobe, but rather about how important clothes are in life. We are all so different from one another in our taste, and in what clothes we find valuable. Stick to that!














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