The Fight to be Human

zombie photo

Photo by Cristina Otero

Today, I spent a good couple of hours reading about zombie movies. I don’t really know how I ended up reading about them, but I was fascinated in the genre in a way that I have never been before. I enjoy a good apocalyptic movie, or zombie outbreak film every once in a while. I don’t like any of the actually horror of these movies, but I do love the story. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many horribly done movies that just catch on to the trend and make a gory film without any real meaning behind it. Anyway, through my strange perusal of the internet, I came across one particular film that struck me to the core. It is called “Maggie” and it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin.


Unlike many other zombie movies, this one is about a father caring for his daughter who is slowly turning into a zombie and struggling to stay human. The story made me cry, because of the humanity in it. The struggle, the fight to be human. The truth is that zombie movies touch some of the deepest fears in life. The fear is not just of death, but of the other option; being alive, without being human. Having any consciousness, memory, or moral code stripped away to the point of desiring human flesh. The decay of the soul is shown on the body. The zombie slowly rots away because it has no soul, no life to keep it going, to keep it’s heart pacing and feeling.

It makes perfect sense that this genre of film is so pervasive in the modern world. As humans, we face violence and evils that do not seem like any human could possibly do them. The reality that a human could act without compassion, with evil content, and without any remorse for their actions is deeply frightening. Is there a switch in humans that can be turned off? Can something happen to strip your humanity away? What makes us human? Compassion, love, moral code, the fight to survive, community, connection, etc. make us human and more importantly, keep us human. In a world of technology, people are slowly becoming less physically connected. I don’t feel like I can really judge how beneficial or harmful social media can be because I am a millennial who doesn’t remember living in a world without a computer. However, I am very wary of how harmful it can be. Humans need physical connection, warmth, eye contact. They need to see a fellow human face to face to remind themselves of what it is to be alive and to have empathy. If we constantly stare at a screens with blank faces, where is the real connection?

Don’t let your life ever get to the point where you see a human and don’t feel some sort of connection. It could even be the fact that you are both breathing, or that you both have childhoods that contain beauty and even pain. We all wake up, eat, breathe, work, love, feel pain, feel loss, find connection, die, and struggle to keep humanity good. Every human act you do, one out of love, directly fights the zombies of this world, the people who’s souls are decaying, the people who are cannibalistic in their minds, the people who have no value for life. Fight to be human, find a cure for the zombies, and thank you for reading my strange rant. Next time you watch a movie, find the fears that underly the story, find the humanity, and think. Think hard about the stories in your life that you witness, and please fight to be human.



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