How I Introvert


As busy as I may get in life, there is no doubt in my mind that I am an introvert at heart. At college I don’t really have the time or space to be my true introverted self, but I find ways to be by myself and unwind from my day. Most of the things I love to do alone are done when I am home for breaks, especially in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but mostly just my close friends and family. My introverted tendencies aren’t against being around people, but for me doing things that I love, which mostly mean I am alone in doing them.

Other than theater and dance, every thing that I do, I do when I am alone. The list is long, but the commonality between everything is that I enjoy the small things in life. The scent of a candle, the flavor of tea, the sound of music I like, and a plethora of other various enjoyments occupy my time. Now is an especially introverted time in my life. It is summer and I have a room to myself. The possibilities are endless! This isn’t supposed to be a post about how cool I am when I am by myself (not cool), but hopefully an inspiration to you. What are the things you do that give you peace, energy, and healing?

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Above is a compilation of many of the introverted comforts I have. I mostly just draw and watch movies, but there is definitely more to a day at home for me. Being a night owl, I generally like waiting until sunset to watch movies and draw or paint, because that’s when I can justify burning a candle or drinking a whole pot of tea. Don’t ask me why, its just a weird quirk of mine.

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Art! Yay! I love micron pens. They are a life saver. I do a lot of lettering, but I mostly illustrate. I draw with pencil, use the pens to go over it and add details, and then I use watercolor. To the left is a sneak peak to A SUPER SECRET PROJECT of mine that includes illustrations of stars and such. Since I spend the majority of my alone time doing this, I watch a lot of movies and listen to a lot of audiobooks. So, here is a list of my favorite movies, tv shows, audiobooks, etc.

  1. All Harry Potter audiobooks (Jim Dale version) and movies.
  2. Outlander. It is a tv show, and my favorite show ever. Scotland, accents, history, romance. What else would I need?
  3. Gilmore Girls.
  4. Cranford. It is a BBC series based on the books. old British ladies concerned with the mundane in life, but are also amazing. Its amazing.
  5. Jane Eyre. Michael Fassbender. That’s all.
  6. Downton Abbey. Obsessed.
  7. About Time. One of the most inspiring and heartfelt movies ever.
  8. Little Women. My favorite movie of all time. I weep every single time.
  9. The Lord of The Rings. duh
  10. Emma. Any version. Especially the Gwyneth Paltrow version, because Knightley.
  11. Pride and Prejudice. Also any version.
  12. The Tinkerbell movies. Trust me. They are beautiful and have gorgeous celtic music.
  13. Disney. All of it, but especially the classics. Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan.
  14. Swan Princess. The hidden gem of animated princess movies.
  15. The Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells. The most beautiful movies I have ever seen. Irish stories with breathtaking animation. DO IT!
  16. Becoming Jane.
  17. Anne of Green Gables. A must see. (all of these are, but especially this.)
  18. Amelie. Its French and beautiful.
  19. Everything is Illuminated. Ukraine and the music!
  20. The X-Files. Woah, science fiction, what are you doing here?! Sooo good.
  21. Miss Potter. It is about Beatrix Potter, the author of Peter Rabbit, and I relate to it on sooooo many levels.
  22. Ever After.
  23. The Prince of Egypt.
  24. Anastasia.
  25. Bringing up Baby. Funniest old Hollywood movie ever.

The list is endless, but these were the first that popped in my head.

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My newfound obsession is embroidery. This is literally all I have done so far, but I love it. I feel so relaxed and focused on it. It is a wonderful way to slow down. Also pictured is a lavender pouch that I sewed. It is a great item to have in a sock drawer, or even in your bag. I listen to a lot of music when I embroider, so here is some music I love. Explore my Spotify. Go crazy. I would suggest my dance playlist, Soundtracks, and starred music. I’m really random. Be warned. Also, just look up my name in spotify to see the rest of my music, if you so desire.

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I love to dance and do yoga. I try to do yoga every day, but Its hard. I prefer doing yoga alone, because introvert. I like burning a candle and having soft lighting. I also play soft music or nature sounds. Essential oils have become a huge thing for me now. I love applying them to my wrists for a peaceful feeling. I recently made a yoga mat cleaner/room spray that makes everything smell so good. Here is a video on how to make one, if you so desire. I also watch the rest of Yoga With Adriene videos when I do yoga. She is phenomenal.


Lastly, I love my bedside table. There I keep all my special notebooks, journals, and current books I am reading. Here you can see my daily to do list notebook, by art journal, my journal journal, another notebook, Anne of Green Gables, an acting book, my Bible, and a devotional book. I don’t actually use everything here every night, but they are all so important to me. Other books I have been loving lately include,

  1. My Name is Asher Lev.
  2. My Antonia.
  3. Harry Potter.
  4. The Silmarillian.
  5. The Icarus Girl.
  6. Everything is Illuminated.
  7. Anne of Green Gables.

There are so any more books that I love, but I am now exhausting myself with lists. I hope that you are inspired to introvert in ways that replenish you. With that, I finish. Parting is such sweet sorrow. (Read that in McGonagall’s voice, please).


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